Days after his contract was not renewed by Alabama State, Reggie Barlow said he was shocked by being let go after leading the Hornets to numerous winning seasons in his first public statements since the decision was made.

On Monday, Alabama State University Board of Trustees voted not to renew his contract.

“Coaches get terminated all the time. I understand that. Rarely do coaches get terminated after five consecutive winning seasons which has never been done. Rarely do coaches get terminated after you just signed a contract just three months ago,” Barlow told WNCF TV.

Barlow compiled a 49-42 record in eight seasons as head coach, leading the Hornets to the 2010 SWAC Eastern Division title. The Hornets posted a 7-5 record in 2014.


  1. Barlow, you were the HC for EIGHT YEARS at ASU
    and never won a championship. You should thank
    ASU for giving you the opportunity to be a first time
    HC on the college level.

    It’s what The FANS want

  2. As a prior student at ASU I know everyone wanted him gone. And not even from coaching. Barlow was sexist towards women and only saw them useful when he needed to persuade a new recruit. His players constantly didnt even go to class and him knowing that said those were the benefits of being a male athlete. He would only further hurt those athletes then help them and a new coach is exactly what this school needs. Theres more then just his “five consecutive winning seasons,” if thats what hes so proud of then im sure he can find anther coaching job, but its college not the NFL. Asu needs a coach thats going to teach them more then just how to win in football! But how to win at life! I had football players two years ago in my class who could barley even read out loud!!!! How is that possible. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and yet expecting different results. This change is for the best.


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