TSPN Sports, through an open records request fullfilled by Grambling State Univeristy, has obtained an official copy of the list of applicants reviewed for the position of head football coach.

  • A total of 88 names appeared on the list.
  • Five finalists (Dennis Winston, Andre Robinson, Broderick Fobbs, Henry Frazier and Ron Dickerson Jr.) were called in for interviews.
  • Broderick Fobbs was hired for the job.

Below are the names listed in alphabetical order.

Alston, Reggie
Anderson, Anthony
Bagot, Kevon
Bell, Darien
Berry, Chenniss
Brown, Jr, Brimmer
Brown, Vyron
Burks, Lajun
Bush, Jack
Carter, Cortney
Carter, Josh
Coaxum, Tony
Cole, Lawrence
Costa, Steve
Craft, Randy
Cranston, William
Dickerson Jr., Ron
Dooley, Eric
Dorsey Sr, Jamar
Dyer, Tommie
Farrier, Frederick
Featherstone, Karl
Feggins, Howard
Finch Jr., Bobby
Fobbs, Broderick
Fobbs, Lee
Forte, Merrill
Frazier, Henry
Gottfried, Zachary
Hall, Glen
Hayes, Darrin
Hendrick, John
Hill, Anthoney
Hill-Eley, Donald
Hobbs, Daryl
Horn, Jospeh
Huff, Charles
Immerman, Michael
Jackson, Broderick
Jackson, Tremaine
Johnson, Ananias
Johnson, Andre
Johnson, Ron
Johnson, Ronald
Joiseph, Robert
Jones, Gregory
Jordan Jr., Andrew
Jordan, Lawrence
Jordan, Walter
Junior, Ester
Kuzma, Jonathan
Landreneau, Joseph
Ledet, Waylon
Magouirk, Kevin
McCollough, Jamari
McKenzie, John
Meschuk, Aaron
Miles, Jr, David
Miller, Steven
Morand, Michael
Murray, Everett
Nash, Ryan
Nichols, Samuel
Paul, Damon
Raines, Walter
Raye, Craig
Reade, Kyle
Richard, Charley
Richardson, Pete
Ridgley, Kelvin
Robinson, Andre
Robinson, Jr, Eddie
Rodgers, Rashad
Shaw, Kip
Smith, Charles
Smith, Milton
Snead, III, Willie
Spears, Melvin
Steward, Claude
Walker, Marquis
Warren, Demario
Williams, Anthony
Williams, Fletcher
Willis, Larry
Willis, Mark
Winston, Dennis
Zweig, Jake


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