Bethune-Cookman and Florida A&M met in Orlando, Florida at Camping World Stadium for their annual clash, the Florida Classic.

The Rattlers, hoping to end an eight-game losing streak to the Wildcats, and hoping to conclude the season undefeated in conference play, fell to Bethune-Cookman 31-27.

However, when it comes to marching bands, trying to determine a winner is always a subjective process.

And that’s why we’ve created this poll.

The Marching Wildcats and the Marching 100 collided Saturday with performances that were pretty creative.

Which band won the Florida Classic halftime show?

Take a moment to review each show and then take a moment to vote in our poll.


Florida A&M

Poll closes Wednesday (Dec. 27) at 11:59 p.m.


  1. FAMU student body is way larger than Cookman. Theyll win in this poll but for those of us who were there and heard the crowd. We Know lol

  2. Is this even a serious question? Come on. Sorry rattlers but you have to be honest with yourselves about your band and the football team at the game. I love B-CU. I love FAMU. But we have to be honest about the comparison of the two bands. No comparison. Btw: you can catch B-CU on Netflix, Marching Orders!

    • BCU may have won this fight but FAMU has clearly won the battle. See you at Honda… oh wait you won’t be in attendance #RATLAHSSSS

    • BCU won hands down. 8 is great but 9 is fine. For the Florida animal and monster university (FAMU) band, please as another poster commented be honest with yourselves snakes in the grass. By the way you can have the Honda battle of the bands because BCU has been running it for years as your little band has not been invited in over a decade. So please
      With the HBOTB. We will LET u guys go for once.


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