HBCU Sports contributor Kendrick Marshall joins Kenn Rashad as a special guest to discuss the NCAA’s decision not to invite South Carolina State to participate in the NCAA FCS playoffs. The Bulldogs (8-3) defeated a Wofford team earlier in the season that managed to get a playoff bid.

As a result, Rashad and Marshall discuss the element of race and the role it might have had in the NCAA’s decision to snub South Carolina State.

Additionally, Rashad and Marshall talk about the future of Jackson State football and preview the upcoming matchup between Grambling State and Southern in the Bayou Classic.


  1. We went 8-3, not 9-3. Wofford got in because they play in a conference with an automatic qualifier and they won the conference. They wasn’t selected over us. They handled their business in their conference. We fell a short in both of our MEAC loses giving up leads. We needed our last game against Norfolk State to be a blow out for “style points” but didn’t happen.

    We didn’t control what we could’ve controlled. Bottom line.

    • Thanks for the correction. SCSU is 8-3. However, SCSU’s margin of victory over Norfolk State would not have matter. And I’m not saying that Wofford was selcted over SCSU. My argument is that there were some teams that finished in third place and even fourth place in their respective conference that should not have been chosen over South Carolina State.

      • When you think about the Big Sky Conference…Their top 4 teams are ranked in the Top 10 nationally. That’s a loaded conference. They are beating each other.

        Same for The Missouri Valley Conference…the top 4 teams in that conference are ranked in the Top 15 nationally. They are beating each other.

        MEAC has to get stronger as whole and play better FCS competition and WIN

  2. SC State had a tougher schedule and a stronger resume than Kennesaw State. KSU did not deserve the to get in the FCS playoffs. Despite what Hampton’s President tells you, the Big South is not a stronger conference in football than the MEAC and both conferences are one-bid leagues when it comes to March Madness.

  3. The MEAC plays a very tough schedule and we are strong. The thing is if your team is ranked in the top 20 you a shoe in to make the playoffs KSU is ranked 9th of course they belong there. My biggest issue is our fight should be with the coaches who votes and how they look at the MEAC and the SWAC they don’t give us the respect these conferences deserve we just have to continue to show and to fight when HBCUs plays a PWI it’s that simple. I knew no school would’ve been picked from the MEAC to the playoff SC State isn’t ranked so thats a no …


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