Eddie Robinson’s days as the Division I all-time wins leader maybe in jeopardy.

According to a story published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the NCAA and Penn State are discussing possibly reconsidering penalties levied against the school, including restoring Joe Paterno’s wins that were stripped following child sex abuse charges against former coach Jerry Sandusky.

Also under consideration is a proposal to leave the $60 million fine levied by the league within the state and the university, to be used for child protection, the newspaper reported.

On July 23, 2012, the NCAA stripped Paterno 111 of 409 wins, putting him 12th on the all-time list with 298.

Former Florida State head coach Bowden was then recognized as the FBS wins leader while Eddie Robinson reclaimed his position as the most winningest head coach in Division I history.

The vacated wins date back to 1998, when the Freeh report showed leaders at Penn State were notified of Sandusky’s actions. The Freeh report states that leaders — including the president, vice president, athletic director and head football coach — did not act appropriately when they were alerted of possible child sexual abuse with the assistant head coach. Emmert referred to those violations as “perverse and unconscionable.”

Following the NCAA’s ruling, Grambling State University officials celebrated the news at the time

“We are proud that coach Eddie Robinson will remain the winningest football coach in the history of college football,” said Grambling State president Frank Pogue in a statement at the time. “As the Grambling family has said all along, regardless of the action of the NCAA, Eddie G. Robinson will forever be remembered as the coach with more football victories than anyone else.”

Details of the negotiations between Penn State and the NCAA were unclear Monday but the talks seemed designed to stave off a looming court battle and drown out a longstanding drumbeat of criticism from Penn State alumni and Paterno supporters.


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