Casey Therriault?…No problem.  Frank Warren?…Finally! Raymond Webber?…Raymond Webber?…Raymond Webber?…not so fast.  TSN is now giving Raymond Webber the proverbial middle finger.

We are now 9 weeks into the 2010 football season and UAPB’s Raymond Webber still isn’t on TSN’s Payton Watch List. The question one has to ask is why.

How is it that Webber, who is among the nation’s leaders in receptions per game, receiving yards per game, and total receiving yards can’t be mentioned on the list?  J-State’s Therriault, who is among the nation’s leaders in passing, is on the Payton Watch List.  Grambling’s Frank Warren is among the nations leaders in rushing and just made the Payton Watch List last week.

In a disappointing 35-25 loss to Grambling, Webber had a record breaking performance in becoming UAPB’s all-time leader in receptions.  He finished the game with a jarring stat line of 9 receptions for 243 yards and one touchdown.  It’s important to note that Webber’s stellar performance on Saturday was against a Grambling team that TSN has ranked at 23rd in the nation.

One shouldn’t have to make a case for Webber to be on TSN’s list.  It is a no-brainer.  Webber’s performance on the field and the numbers he’s produced all year long speak volumes, but the people at TSN ain’t hearing it. You see, putting Webber on the Payton Watch List would be too much like right.  Putting Webber on the list would only strengthen the SWAC’s chances of having a Payton Award winner.  Putting Webber on the list would mean the SWAC would have not one, not two, but three candidates in the running for the Walter Payton Award.  Scary isn’t it?

To the folks at TSN: At some point you’ve got to make the decision to want to do the right thing instead of people having to call you out on it.  You brought it upon yourselves to come up with these awards (Walter Payton, Buck Buchanan, and Eddie Robinson) that recognize these kids and coaches for work they put in on the gridiron.  Nobody is asking you to give these kids anything they don’t deserve, but if you are going to award a kid or coach for being the best of the best the least you can do is to recognize the best of the best.  UAPB’s Raymond Webber is without question among the nation’s best offensive players at the FCS level.  If you can’t do right in the process of honoring these players then maybe you shouldn’t do it at all.


  1. I certainly would have to say it really sounds odd that the young man from UAPB is not on that lists. Apparently he has had a superb season, certainly on par with the young men from Grambling and JSU.

  2. There are kids across the country who are not on the watch list with numbers on par with Therriault, Warren, and Webber. Simply because one of them happens to be from the SWAC instead of the kids not on the list from the MVC, SoCon, OVC, Pioneer, wherever, it’s a middle finger?

    Matt Barr from Western Illinois
    Henry Harris from Southeast Missouri State
    Eric Breitenstein from Wofford
    Jordan Brown from Bryant
    Josh McGregor from Jacksonville
    Aaron Mellette from Elon
    Chris Summers from Liberty

    They all have numbers on par with the three SWAC members you mention above, and none of them are on the watch-list. Two of the three SWAC players are. How is one player when there are 10 others who also deserve the spot not being on the list a middle finger to the SWAC?

    • Ham, the players you’ve listed come no where close to the accomplishments of Warren, Therriault, and Webber. The SWAC players listed have constantly ranked 1, 2, or 3 in the particular categories all season long.

      • I’d much rather not go through week by week with each of those players to have to see if what you said has any value beyond what you say, how about you back up your claim?

        My claim is only that the players I list have numbers on par with the players from the SWAC. You can check that with the NCAA stats page quite easily.

        6 of Webber’s 8 TD’s on the season came in two games (3 in both), one of which was against Division II Clark Atlanta. He’s had decent receiving yards in each game, including his stellar performance last week. It’s very difficult for a receiver to land on the watch list, given the nature of college football in the first place, and Webber’s numbers aren’t earth shaking. The only receiver currently on the list has one more TD, same receiving yardage, etc, etc. It is in one more game, but Southern Utah played two games against the FBS (one for UAPB) and none against lower division teams (one for UAPB.)

        Therriault has been more consistent in his production which is why he’s on the list, but so has Barr from WIU. Jackson State is also a pass first (if not always) team compared to WIU being a much more balanced offensive team. Therriault’s numbers benefit from that (Jackson State is #110 in rushing, WIU #13)

        I’m not arguing that any of the three players from the SWAC aren’t good players, I’m simply arguing that one being off the list and two coming in last week isn’t an affront to the SWAC as Kenn Rashad seems to believe, it’s just a fact of being a part of College football. There are 125 teams in the FCS. Out of the over 7500 players, you can’t expect some to not get looked over, no matter what conference they compete in.

        Also, before you write another article next week, Kenn, the Sports Network doesn’t change the watch list again until the end of the season.

        • Ham,

          I am very familiar with TSN’s candidate update process. Just because the next update isn’t until the end of the season doesn’t mean I shouldn’t continue to make a case for Webber. Me making a case for Webber is no different than any of the BCS schools that make cases for potential Heisman Trophy candidates all year long.

  3. I can say one thing about Webber and that is he reminds a lot about Jerry Rice . He comes from a small school and he will be big in the NFL. One team taking a look at him is the San Fransisco Forty Niners . Don’t thing they aint watching. A good receiver from the SWAC come around Twenty years and go figure. Count the years SWAC fans and now you will see. The next JERRY RICE!!

  4. thanks Kenn for all your support man. I had an ok season the people can say what they want but the swac will rise and we will excel no longer will we be overlooked.

  5. First I would like to say that Webber is a beast on the field. Secondly, I agree with Ken there is no reason that you can’t make a vouch for a player of your choosing (same as heisman). I hope Webber wins the award. He will definetly make a great addition to someone’s NFL team next year.


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