Connell Maynor Alabama A&M
Photo: Alabama A&M Athletics

One SWAC coach was not all that pleased that Alcorn State decided to continue football activities hours after officially announcing its program would not move forward with spring competition.

On Tuesday Alcorn State chose to opt-out of what would be an abbreviated SWAC regular season because of COVID-19 concerns. The Braves are one of five HBCU football-playing schools to not participate in the spring.

Alabama A&M head coach Connell Maynor, asked Wednesday what he thought about the decision, said Alcorn State should not workout or practice if COVID was the cause for concern.

“If they opted out because of COVID, they shouldn’t be meeting. They shouldn’t be lifting weights, and they shouldn’t be practicing,” Maynor told WDZX, an Alabama television station.

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Alabama A&M was scheduled to open the season versus the defending SWAC champions on Feb. 20.

Maynor went so far as to suggest that Alcorn State was “contradicting” itself by continuing to hold football-related gatherings.

“They shouldn’t have no spring ball, if they opted-out because of COVID, because if you do you’re contradicting yourself,” he said “Because you’re still putting your kids at risk of getting COVID because they’re practicing and they’re right in each other’s face.

Maynor provided a candid assessment that Alcorn State should play if they are comfortable enough to hit the gym and the practice field despite the apparent risks. 

“If that’s their reason, they shouldn’t be doing any of those things,” he said. “If they’re looking out for their players, they should continue to look out for their players, and don’t do that. Because if they’re gonna do that — they’re gonna lift weights and their gonna practice — they might as well play.”


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