In the months after it was announced the SWAC and MEAC would play in a postseason bowl game, there has been a constant stream of divided opinions from far and wide.

The only voices the public had yet to hear from about game were the players and coaches who would have their seasons impacted.

During MEAC Media Day, several football players and coaches discussed how they view the Celebration Bowl.

From HBCUGameDay:

“I think the more you look at it, it’s a great situation for the league,” Norfolk State’s Latrell Scott told reporters. “It’s an opportunity for us to be showcased. Not too many conferences get a chance to play a championship game on ABC.”

Apparently, it took some players a little while to warm up to the idea.

“When they first brought it to our attention we were kind of mad because, as a kid, you know, you have that dream of winning the whole championship and just going through the playoffs and beating big caliber teams, winning, standing up at the podium and getting that trophy,” Norfolk State’s Deon King said.

“But now, it’s actually a pretty good deal. It’s representing us and it’s representing our school and with that kind of money we get from the bowl…it’ll help our school.”

Recently, former Grambling State and NFL quarterback, Doug Williams chimed in with his support of the Celebration Bowl.

“I certainly think the game is good for black colleges as a whole, from an athletic side [and a] publicity side, and to give historically black colleges something to hold onto,” Williams told ESPN about the bowl game.

Williams said the game — which will pit the SWAC and MEAC champions against each other at the Georgia Dome on Dec. 19 — has the potential to be “one of the best things to happen to black colleges.”


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