North Carolina Central was one of five schools to claim a share of the MEAC championships during a hectic 2014 season.

The Eagles, however, did not earn a postseason berth even though the school went 6-2 in conference play.

Head coach Jerry Mack said NCCU comes into the 2015 season looking to complete unfinished business.

The team has new uniforms and a new slogan #LeaveNoDoubt that will be the rallying cry for what they hope will be a championship season.

“It means that we don’t want to have any regrets in anything we do,” said Mack. “You never know when your last play is. You never know what is going to happen from game-to-game.  I use this reference with our team all the time – just because we had some success last year and we beat some people, does not mean you are going to get that victory the next year, because you have to play the game.”

Mack said the slogan will part of the team’s identity — something that he relishes in a team that has a lot of potential to be special.

“I don’t want people to take it the wrong way and think that we are cocky and saying that we are going to win the championship, because that’s not what it’s really about,” he said. “It’s about taking one play at a time and making sure you leave no doubt about what you put forth on that field at that point and time.”


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