Jackson State football fans have seen enough apparently.

Following Jackson State’s 27-23 loss to Mississippi Valley State on homecoming weekend, disgruntled JSU supporters created an online petition to express their desire to have head coach Harold Jackson and AD Vivian Fuller fired.

A petition posted on the website change.org has already garnered 49 signatures as of Saturday night.

After winning back-to-back SWAC East championships in 2012 and 2013 before losing in the conference championship in both seasons to Arkansas Pine-Bluff and Southern, JSU parted ways with longtime head coach Rick Comegy after eight seasons.

In came Jackson, who was supposed to get a veteran bunch over the hump using his wealth of football coaching experience, although he had been out of the college game for five years. However, JSU currently sits at 3-4 in 2014, including ugly home losses to Grambling State, Prairie View and Mississippi Valley State. Ironically, each school picked up their first conference win of the season at Jackson State’s expense.

Part of the user submitted letter laments how the program has become a “disgrace” during Jackson’s very brief tenure.

(Vivian) Fuller then hired a new head coach (Harold Jackson) who has turned the schools football team into a laughingstock. Most noticeably a loss to a team that has not beat Jackson State University in 19 years (Mississippi Valley State). Under their leadership JSU football program has become a disgrace an abomination and downright pathetic.

For better or worse, Jackson is under contract for two more years after the 2014 season.


  1. What a shame that today the quickest way to solve problems is by running from them because of embarrassment and impatience. “Fix it right now”, is what we want! Sadly, in today’s society of constant change, what hasn’t changed is how we have shown our up and coming youth, just how to solve difficult issues or face adversity by choosing the easiest way; it’s not working! My father used to give us this analogy, “the hard right over the easy wrong”. This concept seems to have disappeared from the values and morals of life’s building blocks. Today it’s just put a bandaid on the problem so that we can appease the masses or appease the money holding decision makers. No one wants to put in real work and fight to build a strong foundation. When are we going to change and open our eyes and see the truth and deal with it? Let the coach, any coach, that has half a chance at making a positive change in a system ,or ,build from ground up a new system, have their time to truly make a difference with these kids. We owe them at the very least, that much support. Because it’s “the hard right!”

  2. JSU went 8-1 in SWAC play under Comegy last year. He should have never been fired. Get rid of this old ass retired dude and send him back home!!

  3. Under the leadership of Comedgy Jackson State was a threat to the entire SWAC CONFERENCE. Now that we have this Jackson guy everyone is ready to play Jackson state without the big threat of Comedy being the head guy in charge now. BRING COMEDGY BACK!!!!!!!

  4. Has one who have played football, coach football, and other sports, let me be the first to help you analyze the problem. There’s a disconnect between the coaches and the players. I followed football from high school to the pros. There’s know leadership on the team, know spirit, know passion, know history of the games that matter to JSU fans. That happened when you bring in a Coach who have disconnect himself from JSU since his playing days. Coaching decision, preparation, planning, play calling, all have been suspect this year. In the Tennessee State game Coach Jackson look lost. Watch the film for yourself. JSU football team look like the walking dead. Peoples who makes decision on choosing coaching need to have some one on the committee who will tell them the truth instead of rubber stamp a decision. The fans ,alumni, and the people who pay and support JSU should have input. Harold Jackson was the wrong man for the job in the beginning and will be the wrong man for job in the end. Ifor Jackson States wanted a 70 years old coach with a proven track record they should have looked st Pete Richardson former coach of Southern University who have one several Black National championship. Harold must go now.

  5. The politics need to stop with the hiring and firing at JSU, this is a great University and we deserve better! Coach Comegy never should have been fired!!!!! Fuller and Jackson need to be FIRED today!!!!!! Our players and fans deserve it!!!!!

    • The politics do need to stop!!! Because the president don’t like Comegy for something that happen in the past!!! Also not just JSU, but HBCU need to stop this firing people to put your people in!!! How do you fire a winning coach!!! I can’t get pass that look at the bigger school in D-I they don’t fire a coach that winning it’s just crazy to me!!! I say go get a younger person and let them build a program, and I mean a person about the age of late 30s to 50s with a good background!!! In so many words Jackson got to go!!!! 4 REAL

  6. Bring back Rick Comegy and give him a raise in pay, benefits and a contract that he deserves. Fire String fellow asap as well as JSU current coach.

  7. Unless there is something else that is missing, I believe that this is a premature recommendation that will do more harm than good to JSU’s program. Yes, I believe that Comegy’s firing was going to backfire but changing in the middle of the stream will only make it worse. Ultimately, there has to be some patience for anyone to implement the kind of program they desire. I would assume that anyone who pushes a coaching change is also willing to “buy out” the university’s contractual obligations. However, this is college athletics and fans can quickly change horses in a hurry when losses start to mount.

  8. Sadly the same people that are calling for Harold Jackson’s ouster are the same voicies that were calling for Comegy to be fired last year. ‘He can’t win the big one’ was the constant cry. They weren’t satisfied until he was gone. Now you reap what you sow. The voices crying now have no leverage. Perhaps the whiners should take that energy and use it to encourage their other JSU friends and alumni to financially support the Alumni Association in an effort to be able to have a voice on the front end. The President and AD don’t care about the naysayers now because what can they do? All their contracts are guaranteed and the funds don’t exist by any alumni organization or booster club to buy them out. You have the remainder of this season plus an additional 2 to deal with Coach Jackson. You created this now get use to it!

  9. Just goes to show that having NFL experience doesn’t automatically qualify you to be a coach and Harold Jackson and staff have definitely proved that! Comegy has a proven track record,winning everywhere he’s coached,it’s sad!!


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