alabamastate.GIFThe Alabama State University women’s volleyball and baseball teams have been cleared to participate in postseason competition in the upcoming 2013-14 season.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) informed ASU of its decision, which will allow the women’s volleyball and baseball teams to be eligible to qualify for, and compete in, Southwestern Athletic Conference championship tournaments, and subsequent NCAA Tournament play if postseason bids are won.

Alabama State still awaits decisions on the NCAA’s previously announced postseason bans for its football and men’s basketball programs for the upcoming season.

“We believe this decision is evidence of progress, showing that changes we have implemented, both in programs and personnel, are providing positive measureable results,” Alabama State Interim President Dr. William H. Harris said. “We are pleased and appreciative of the decision rendered by the NCAA in regards to our women’s volleyball and baseball programs regaining their postseason eligibility. We will continue our commitment to ensure all athletic programs meet and exceed established standards, and remain optimistic for favorable outcomes for our football and men’s basketball programs.”

Courtesy: Alabama State Sports Information



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