Doug Williams
Doug Williams

The Grambling State Tigers are the most disappointing team in all of college football. Before the start of the 2012 season they were predicted by many to repeat as SWAC Western Division champions and even league champions.

But eight weeks into this season, with a 1-7 and record, the Tigers are fighting to stay out of the cellar.

No other SWAC defending champion has started a season this bad since 1992 when Alabama State started the season 1-5.

Who would’ve thought Grambling, with a storied tradition of setting the bar high would have problems lifting it off the ground.

Normally, I don’t blame coaches for the failures of the players, but it’s obvious that this debacle can be laid at the feet of Doug Williams.

He’s been too stubborn, too unwilling to make adjustments to salvage his coaching reputation and the season of his own team. If anything, Williams’ arrogance has been the downfall of GSU football.

That stubbornness became even more evident when Williams announced Monday that D.J. Williams would be the team’s starter at quarterback for Saturday’s match against Jackson State, despite a solid performance by backup QB Frank Rivers who threw for 293 yards and 3 touchdowns in a loss to Texas Southern last Saturday.

I guess you can afford to be stubborn and arrogant when you file a lawsuit against your own employer before the start of the regular season and still keep your job like Williams did.

You start to believe because you are a former Super Bowl MVP and won championships at Grambling you can afford to rest on your resume. Williams needs to check his fresh if the stench of zero conference wins hasn’t made him do so already.



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