By Nikki G. Bannister

Yeah, I said it.

If you’re reading this and didn’t know Southern suffered a disheartening 36-12 loss – the fourth straight – to Grambling State at this year’s State Farm Bayou Classic, bless your heart. Rocks were made to skip over ponds, not live under.

It wasn’t pretty. Southern trailed the entire time and failed to capitalize on the Tigers’ miscues. The 24-point loss was the Jags’ worst Bayou Classic loss since 1986, when Southern lost 30-3. Yeah, Southern lost and bad. The spots surely don’t lie about this one.

I don’t know why this year’s Classic got to me. It’s not as if I was there. It’s not as if Southern hasn’t lost before. It’s not as if there won’t be another.

Perhaps it’s because for once, I watched the game as a fan and eliminated the unbiased personality I trained to use when reporting (I am a professional, you know). Maybe it’s because I know so much was riding on this team. Maybe because my true Columbia blue colors have finally resurfaced.

One thing is for sure: Jags’ head coach Stump Mitchell needs to “chunk up the deuces” and holler “Peace.”

Read the rest at “The Spots Don’t Lie”


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