The Purple Marching Machine of Miles College was voted HBCU Sports Band of the Year on Saturday.

In our fan poll, which featured five finalists and generated over 43,000 votes, Miles College topped the list with (18,955 votes) 44 percent of the total vote.

Alabama A&M finished second in the poll with (12,634 votes) 29.29 percent of the total vote, followed by Jackson State (5,125), North Carolina A&T (4,977 votes) and Southern (1,402 votes).

Below are some notable moments for the Mile College Purple Marching Machine:

The Miles College marching band is under the direction of Willie J. Snipes, Jr.

An award presentation will be announced at a later date.


  1. As stated above this was not scientific, people were pretty much allowed to vote as many times as they wanted. Don’t understand how this could be well deserved.

  2. Miles students work just as hard as students at our other institutions and deserve their accolades . It’s so sad that we STILL have the crab in a barrel mentatlity…..the opportunity to vote was there for over a week and 18k votes is by no means an error. Congratulations Mileans


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