The Grambling World Famed Tiger Marching Band and the Southern University Human Jukebox went toe-to-toe once again in the annual Bayou Classic Battle of the Bands last Friday, before the football teams met on Saturday, for their annual showdown in the Superdome.

Southern’s band has been lauded all over the Internet for it’s performance of Adele’s “Hello”, while a video has gone viral on social media indicating that Southern lost the BOTB performance to Grambling’s band.

We’ve found video of the full BOTB showdown.  Take a moment to check it out and then cast your vote.

Poll closes Friday at midnight.


  1. Y’all all must’ve bumped y’all heads. Or are simply in denial. Grambling put everyone to sleep, you couldn’t even hear Grambling that night. Southern wins every year and will continue to, it’s inevitable. Nice try Grambling but not where near better than Southern. You’ll never beat the HumanJukebox.

      • Interesting, so did you wake up long enough to see how much much money Southern wasted on the “NATIONAL RECORDING” artist that sounded like a drunk uncle at a 4th July bar b que?

  2. As of December 7, 2015, the Southern University Marching Band and Dancing Dolls
    have amassed 1,014,426 views on Utube of the Adele song Hello that they performed
    at the Battle of the Bands. NOT BAD FOR DRUNK UNCLE. Obviously according to how
    many people watched from around the country, Southern won. Show me where
    Grambling has a million of anything. Enough said.

  3. Okay Otis, I’ll bite. Apple (no pun intended) invited Grambling this past September to perform on the campus of their head quarters in Cupertino, California. This was the same weekend Grambling played U C Berkley. Never in the history of Apple has an HBCU performed or been invited as guests to the Apple compound. The video from Gramblings Apple performance has over 3 million views. In preparation for the big game against Berkley Grambling held their band practice sessions at Kennedy High in Richmond, California. The practice sessions were open to the public . And were developed to give inner city kids along with their families an opportunity to be exposed to the show style marching techniques of an HBCU marching style versus Corp. The practice video of Grambling at Kennedy High has over 6 million views. So, you are absolutely correct. Grambling doesn’t have a million of anything. Next time, try using some chalk on your hands so they dont get calloused and chafed when you clap back. 🙂

    • I stand corrected. I’ll believe what you say about Grambling. But for you to imply that Southern rendition of Hello was poor and they wasted money was just as wrong from you. That performance by Southern was awesome and didn’t sound like some drunk uncle. It has found acclaim from just about all news outlets. Do not put down any HBCU when you know what the truth is. May God bless you.

      • Otis, did you attend the BOTB? I was there. Listening live and in person. If you didn’t please pull up the full Battle. I neveeeeer mentioned “Hello” in my statements above. And yes Southerns rendition was a great interpretation of that song. A hit dog will holler every time. 🙂 However, be it as it may “HELLO” wasn’t the only song Southern played that night. I was “NOT” referring to “Hello”. Southern paid a recording artist to come and sing along with them as they played another top 10 song. It was AWFUL. And very unfair to the bands hardwork truly. Alllll jokes aside, allllll rivalry aside. A positive light shed on any HBCU is a positive impact on allllll HBCU’S. Hugs to you if my teasing offended you.


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