NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee State Athletic Department received news, Thursday, that due to a recalculation of the football program’s multi-year Academic Progress Rate (APR), the team is not subject to a postseason ban or Level I penalty for the upcoming season.

“Although many perceive the APR as purely academic, it is actually more complex than that with retention being an equal part of the calculation,” Director of Athletics Teresa Phillips said. “The athletics department, university and football staff will continue to work together in meeting and exceeding the standards established by the NCAA.”

On May 27, the NCAA published its annual report in which the Tennessee State football program’s rate was deemed to be below the benchmark set by the NCAA.

With Thursday’s news, the Tennessee State athletic program continues its stretch of exceeding the NCAA’s APR threshold for all sports and has never been issued a postseason ban or penalty of any level.

“We are extremely happy for our players, coaches, and the entire University,” said Tennessee State University President Glenda Glover. “Above all, we are here to educate young men and women. This has always been and will remain our top priority at TSU.”

Courtesy: Tenn State Athletics


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