Alabama State head coach Brian Jenkins has been accused by Bethune-Cookman players of a bevy of rules violations and mistreatment of players.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, former players alleged Jenkins provided improper benefits, improper housing and repeatedly exceeded weekly practice limits during his tenure at Bethune-Cookman.

He is also accused of failing to pay assistants and bullying staff and players.

From the Montgomery Advertiser:

Prior to Jenkins’ departure in December from Bethune-Cookman, officials there had conducted an investigation into a number of allegations, and Assistant Athletic Director Tony O’Neal, who wouldn’t answer questions about the investigation, said, “Anything that needed to be reported (to the conference and NCAA) was reported.”

ASU Interim Athletic Director Melvin Hines said he was aware of the investigation and the incidents that prompted it, and he said he knew of the allegations reported to the NCAA.

Hines also said that he made ASU trustees and ASU President Gwendolyn Boyd aware of the issues prior to Jenkins being hired on Dec. 16 and approved by the board on Feb. 5.

“I talked with Coach Jenkins about those issues, and he was very up front with me about everything,” Hines said. “My view on that is that it’s all personnel matters from his previous workplace and this is a fresh start. (The trustees and I) have discussed those issues, and I made them aware of potentially what could be out there.”

Of the more serious allegations, multiple coaches claimed they feared being blackballed from coaching if their names were attached to speaking out against Jenkins.

One player said Jenkins held a knife to his neck during a team meal.

One of the incidents that apparently sparked the investigation at Bethune-Cookman involved Jenkins allegedly threatening two players — linebacker Rahdeese Alcutt and defensive end Brandin Hudson — with a steak knife at a pregame meal.

According to a letter Alcutt provided at the request of Bethune-Cookman officials as part of the investigation, a teammate accidentally spilled a drink and Alcutt began laughing. Because Jenkins doesn’t allow talking at the pre-game meals, the commotion irked the head coach, Alcutt said.
“At this time, Brian Jenkins walked over to me and picked up a knife and pointed it at me and (Hudson) saying, ‘Do I have to cut your (expletive) throats to get you to be quiet?” Alcutt wrote in the letter. Jenkins then stared at the two players for several seconds, he said.

Jenkins did not comment on the reportedly allegations.



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