The HBCU game day experience has been considered among the most unique in all of college football. The bands. The tailgating. The camaraderie among the fans is unrivaled by comparison.

Stadium Journey, a website that attempts to encapsulate the fan experience from the professional ranks to collegiate venues, ranked, in their opinion, the best FCS football stadiums in the country.

Of its 107 slots, 17 HBCU stadiums made the list. The highest ranked HBCU football venue was Municipal Stadium home to Bethune-Cookman, which check in at No. 35.

The stadium holds around 10,000 fans, but the stands are packed and the fans are into the game. That always makes for a fun day of college football. The B-CU band is one of the best you will ever get a chance to see, as evidenced by their rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”. It makes you want to go out and vote immediately.

Following B-CU at No. 36 on the list, was O’Kelly Riddick Stadium where North Carolina Central resides.

Here is what Stadium Journey wrote about that venue:

Around the Raleigh/Durham area, saying that college athletics are huge would be an understatement. With the Carolina Hurricanes as the lone pro team, most local sports fans find their identity in a college team. Outside of the big 3 (UNC, NC State, and Duke), there are several Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) around the area as well. Among them, NCCU is perhaps the most athletically relevant. The football team played its first season in 1922, but did not begin playing in their current stadium until 1975. O’Kelly Riddick is a stadium that won’t impress you with its looks, but makes up for it with its unique food and friendly atmosphere.

The highest rated SWAC school was Jackson State at No. 71.

One major extra of seeing a Jackson State football game is the Sonic Boom of the South. They produce a show that is well worth watching during halftime.

Notable school stadium rankings
No. 40 North Carolina A&T
No. 51 Savannah State
No. 52 Tennessee State
No. 59 Florida A&M
No. 60 Norfolk State
No. 76 Southern
No. 77 South Carolina State
No. 90 Texas Southern
No. 95 Alcorn State
No. 99 Mississippi Valley State
No. 102 Morgan State
No. 103 Prairie View
No. 106 Howard


  1. This year home coming has been one of the best days of my life. This was a first time experience and my family and I will never forget!

  2. I don’t agree with this rank and why is Southern number 70 when their stadium holds 28,500 fans and they have a double floor press box and luxury suites. Who other HBCU stadium can top that?


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