Stump Mitchell
Stump Mitchell

Former Southern football coach Stump Mitchell found himself returning to his old stomping grounds earlier this week playing the role of scout during Southern’s pro day. 

Mitchell, who was fired by Southern after three seasons, is the current running backs coach for the Arizona Cardinals.

On Wednesday, Mitchell was one of many NFL representatives to watch several Jaguars  — all whom he coached during his stint in Baton Rouge — participate in pro day activities.

The one-time Jaguars coach said the familiarity with players like quarterback Dray Joesph helps in the evaluation process.

“I can give them all the information they need to know about these guys in terms of their work ethic and what I think they can or can’t do,” he said.  “Dray had three position coaches, and he was always in a competition for the job. And he fought to the end. He’s a self-motivator and a true leader.”

Mitchell went onto say that the pro day group has NFL talent.

“I don’t think there’s any question that some of these guys can play at the next level. We told them that when we brought them here four years ago, and now they’re getting that opportunity.”


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