Mississippi Valley State football coach Rick Comegy took questions from the media on Thursday regarding the progress his team is making in spring practice and what he expects to see in the team’s spring game this Saturday.

Not surprisingly, being on the job for just under three months, there are a number of issues that Comegy admits need addressing.

“We’re working for consistency now,” Comegy said. “Some guys are having a good day one day and a bad day the next.”

When asked about what his expectations were for Saturday’s spring game, Comegy admitted that things would be modified due to the team’s lack of depth.

“Well right now we’re thin in the ranks.  Our offensive line is very thin, defensive line is very thing, we ran out of linebackers this morning at practice, guys we’re getting hurt or small injuries were taking place,” said Comegy. “So we’re really going to have to mod something up to have a good go.  We can’t go long because with the number of linemen we have we’re not going to be able to go two teams.”

See the media session in its entirety below.


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