SWACLogoBIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) today announced that it plans to assist Jackson State University with an undisclosed amount as a result of its lost home contest with Grambling State last month.

The decision to undertake this initiative was fueled by Grambling State University’s forfeit of the game scheduled for October 19 and funds for Jackson State will come from Grambling State’s future distribution amounts as outlined in the conference bylaws.

“As the immediate governing body of the ten SWAC member institutions, and with approval from SWAC’s Executive Council, the missed game between Jackson State and Grambling State will be deemed a forfeit and GSU will be fined.” said SWAC Commissioner Duer Sharp. “As far as the fine for Grambling State and subsequent payment to Jackson State, we believe that it is the right thing to do from a conference standpoint.”

In addition to the fine, which was issued in accordance with conference bylaws regarding forfeit procedures, Grambling State will be required to play at JSU each of the next three football seasons to compensate Jackson State for lost revenues this year.

“Our goal at this point is to address those concerns head-on, finish up our regular season and move on towards our Football Championship in Houston on December 7.” said Commissioner Sharp.

As a result of the forfeit, Jackson State accepted the win and Grambling State was charged a loss in the conference standings.

Courtesy: SWAC.org


  1. Fines yes, Play there next year…of course, Play there in 2015 and 2016? Well, lets talk about this! Actually, just talking about 2015 because 2016 is out of the equation. Grambling has options!

  2. I think it is a fair call. In the natural ebb and flow of things, we are only losing two home games to JSU. We would be playing in Jackson in 2015 any way. In essence, GSU took away one of J-State’s home game – a homecoming game at that. Thus we are having two of our taken from us to give to them.

  3. JSU missed out on homecoming revenue, money that won’t be missed until next year. So basically, GSU won’t have to repay this lost revenue two years from now.
    What would be fair is for GSU to ZERO that balance with proceeds from the Bayou Classic.

  4. Kenn, the fine will def help, but it won’t replace lost revenue from a homecoming. The fine doesn’t trickle down to the local businesses that lost revenue due to no traditional homecoming. Its sad that these issues happened at GSU, what is more sad that JSU and its community was dragged into it. It wasn’t as important to GSU until the lack of revenue was going to hit it’s own home game, then the necessary attention was given.
    Is the fine enough? Well, yes considering the lack of funds is the major part of the initial problem, and issuing a hefty fine only makes the problem worse. However, its still a slap on the wrist compared to the financial punishment GSU imposed on JSU. All GSU has to do in two years is schedule another home game or ‘classic’ to make up for the lost JSU game. In essence, NO PUNISHMENT.

  5. Okay…I understand, but how much revenue did they actually lose? Didn’t their fans attend the scrimmage…Not a game and not what they bargained for but was the loss of revenue that significant? Not trying to get out of the fact that it was cfuked that our team didn’t go, but how much actual revenue was lost. I don’t think the attendance (especially from Gram’s side) was gonna be that great anyway. I understand being fined, I understand a portion of Gram’s Conference proceeds going to JSU, if they had advanced us a travel fee (I doubt it), we should reimburse that, but I”m not cool on the game in 2016. OVERKILL!

  6. I think that if a study could be done on the Homecoming revenue from 2012, compared to the homecoming revenue for 2013 (game, hotels, food, etc.) for the Jackson community, then it would be only FAIR that GSU replace those funds immediately.
    No homecoming game takes the life out of homecoming. UAPB didn’t field a football team my last two years of school (1991, 1992) and people don’t buy $25 tickets to see a scrimmage.

  7. For the record, I am all for the sanctions the SWAC imposed on JSU. But let’s be clear that GSU’s arrangement was with Jackson State, not the City of Jackson. The city’s loss in revenue – whatever that may be – is not Grambling’s concern.


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