alabamastate.GIFAll of Alabama State University’s athletic programs are eligible to participate in postseason play due to decisions today and earlier this week by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Acting Athletic Director Melvin Hines was notified Friday that the NCAA had completed its evaluation of the data and other information that was submitted to the NCAA following the initial announcement of penalties related to APR scores.

“We are thrilled that our student-athletes will now be eligible to compete in postseason play,” said Hines.

According to Hines, after the initial APR penalties were imposed against the baseball, volleyball, football and men’s basketball teams, ASU was given an adjustment phase with the opportunity to submit additional data.

“Once the NCAA evaluated that additional academic performance data, assessed our ASU Academic Improvement Plan and reviewed us according to its Limited Resource Institution component, the NCAA staff determined that ASU will not be penalized,” said Hines.

The NCAA had announced earlier that the bans against baseball and volleyball had been lifted. Today’s announcement lifts bans against both football and men’s basketball, which means all 18 Alabama State University athletics teams are eligible for postseason play for the upcoming 2013-14 season, should they qualify.

Courtesy: Alabama State Sports Information


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