MONTGOMERY, Ala. — There’s something about night practice which inspires a different energy from the Alabama State University football team.

The Hornets had their second night practice of the 2011 preseason Monday at Hornet Stadium, another spirited two-hour workout similar to last Wednesday’s primetime session.

“It ignites them,” head coach Reggie Barlow said after the evening practice. “I enjoy it as well. We have several night games this season and I’m big on simulating game day experiences as much as we can. It’s always exciting to come out here and practice at night. Guys are energized and, of course, out of the heat which also helps. I really liked the intensity and the way the players competed.”

Monday night also marked the third and final two-a-day practice of preseason camp, and Barlow was pleased with how the players handled those days of practice.

“(Two-a-days) is a different mindset, as you only get three or four of them during camp,” Barlow said. “All in all, I liked how the guys responded, especially from a conditioning standpoint. We are moving around well and running well. I believe it’s the tempo of our offense with the no-huddle which has assisted with our conditioning. I’ve been pleased with how they’ve responded in two-a-days.”

With fall semester classes beginning Wednesday, Alabama State will have its final practice of preseason camp Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. at Hornet Stadium.


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