It now appears that Rick Comegy’s post game comments after J-State’s 32-30 loss to Alabama State were worse than originally reported.

According to Jackson State and Alabama State radio broadcasters, after the game JSU coach Rick Comegy said: “They (expletive) cheated” to the JSU radio’s sideline reporter during a short live interview.

A video has now surfaced that shows Comegy making the above comment along with a few other F-Bomb-laced remarks.

(WARNING: This video contains profanity)

There has been no official statement to come from Jackson State nor the SWAC office yet.  I’m guessing that a statement is bound to come soon now that this video has gone viral.  If the SWAC office can issue a public reprimand against bands (which I have no problem with), surely it will issue one for Comegy accusing the refs of cheating.


    • The coach was right. Maybe he could have used better language, but the SWAC refs made several poor calls with excessive errors in judgements. They took the game away from those young men unfairly. Much of refs calls were damaging to those students who worked hard and put their heart in the game.

    • Why not discuss the other coaches who do the same and they do not receive punishment … especially when they just loose because of their inept abilities. Why is this person being singled out.

  1. The Jsu coach was right. The swac refs displayed no integrity for their jobs nor did the swac office, by allowing those blatant calls to be made repeatedly. I saw in person, and all people could do was shake their heads at those calls. It’s apparent that the refs cheated for Al State, look how they ended their season at 7-5. Jsu was the proven sawdust east CHAMPS at 8-3


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