Pete Richardson
Pete Richardson

Pete Richardson was fired as the head football coach at Southern University earlier today according to a report filed by Perryn Keys of The (Baton Rouge) Advocate.

Richardson had just completed his 17th season at the school after a 30-25 loss to Texas Southern in Houston on Saturday. He compiled a 134-62-0 record, winning five Southwestern Athletic Conference championships and four black college national titles.

His 2009 team finished 6-5 overall with a 3-4 record in the Southwestern Athletic Conference.


  1. So, the SU AD said that they decided to go in a new direction as reason for firing Coach Richardson. LaFleur used the same phase after firing David Hawkins. Can LaFleur explain what that new direction is? Probably not— Yes, there needs to be a change; but I’ll bet have NO “real” plans—-just deciding as they go! Heading a major college athletic department to big of a strategic planning for the capabilities of LaFleur. He’s a nice guy but not right for that job—assistant AD level yes, but need intelligent, charismatic and strategic thinker for the AD job………need some strong figures in there as AD and coach to get that football program back on point. wonder if there will be more cleaning in the SU house before it is over! But question is does SU have the money to get quality people who have experience in building programs or working at major successful programs?

  2. Yes, I agree; the AD needs to be specific as to what direction the program is going. I beleve if the alumni, fans and supporters know from the start where the administration is taking the program; then there would not be so much rebellion and resentment towards the decisions that are made concerning the program. Is the next coach coming out of the HBCU ranks? I keep hearing about the next level. what is the next level? Whatever decision is made; I hope that it is one that would make Jaguar Football exciting again.

  3. OH BOY!! I’m excited. I hope we can get Coach Rich back. How can you get a better coach. This guy is a proven winner of 70% of his games. Even the great Mumford of SU only won 73% in 25 years. Coach Rich did 5 years at WSSU and 17 at SU. He’s still got 3 more years to go. Let SU try to find a better Coach. We at WSSU want Coach Rich back in Winston Salem. Hope he comes back to us.

  4. I understand Southern is interested in New Orleans Saints wide receivers coach as the new man in Baton Rouge. He has quite an impressive resume. University of Miami, San Diego State, Cal, Southern Methodist, and Idaho. He is credited by Sean Payton as the major reason for the success of the Saints receiving corps. He is a local guy( New Orleans) and a St. Charles Catholic grad, hopefully he can grab some of our local talent that Pete missed out on for years.

  5. @SUJAG—now that’s some good news………..I’ve heard some crazy rumors about how the whole department make get shaken up—and it won’t necessarily be for the best……

    makes me sad sometimes that they will never again be great men like Eddie Robinson, or even Joe Paterno and other like—that ended up being great winners/coaches but whose original (and always base purpose) was to develop young men and improve their lives—-building a discipline and desire to succeed that instilled the will to win!!!!


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