The 93rd edition of the State Fair Classic between Grambling State and Prairie View A&M is history.

Prairie View A&M won the football game 22-16, which not only ended a four-year skid to the Tigers but also resulted ending Grambling’s 26-game conference winning streak.

As one would imagine, wins and losses of a halftime show are much more subjective.

There is no final score, but there are likely plenty of opinions.

We’ve found the halftime shows of both bands. Take a moment to review the shows and then take a moment to participate in the poll below.

Prairie View A&M

Grambling State

The poll will close Tuesday (Oct. 2) at 11:59 p.m.


  1. Y’all got to be kidding. PV obviously won the game, but the field show as extremely boring and truly uneventful. PV band had a good sound but they can’t bring that funk and fire like GSU. Putting those instruments on the ground to do dance steps, come on. And the disrespect playing GSU chant as soon as you walk on the field. Whose ignorant idea was that. I would have thought PV had more class than that hood/ghetto fabulous JSU but y’all tried it. Bet they were not prepared for the response huh? I would challenge PV to create their own unique chant you don’t have to take anything from anyone. HBCU’s are creative.


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