Photo: FAMU Athletics

Florida A&M head coach Willie Simmons attempted to move past the Rattlers inexplicable 18-16 home loss Saturday to Jackson State by doing what every coach does to try to hold an angry fan base at bay.

Post a video online of several of his players getting baptized at church on Sunday.

That will surely make everyone forget that FAMU allowed time in regulation to expire prior to attempting what would have been the potential game-winning field goal two plays after the Rattlers positioned itself in the red zone with: 16 seconds remaining, right?

Not according some members of Rattler Nation in the comment section accompanying what was intended to be an uplifting tweet.

The lesson here is that losing football games won’t get you into FAMU heaven.


  1. I am the biggest famu fan and the last game was the worst losing by 2 points..i noticed they kept running the ball up the middle is that because they knew that number 2 wasn’t playing?! I don’t know what he did but we need to be playing you guys number 1 middle line backer


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