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North Carolina A&T is likely the best team in the FCS after its win over sixth-ranked Jacksonville State Saturday night.

The Aggies 20-17 win over the Gamecocks was its 13th consecutive and second straight over a ranked FCS opponent.

Let’s consider this: over the last three seasons, the Aggies have won two Celebration Bowl games, two MEAC championships, a pair of Black National Championships and appeared in the FCS playoffs.

As a result of its most recent win, North Carolina A&T has beaten the two schools — Grambling State and Jacksonville State — that currently own Division 1 football’s longest conference winning streaks, at 26 and 31 games, respectively.

Oh, and North Carolina A&T has produced wins over FBS Kent State and Charlotte, too.

Few schools this side of North Dakota State have such an impressive resume.

That’s why North Carolina A&T starting the season ranked at No.14 in the preseason poll instead of inside the top 10 is baffling despite its undefeated 2017 campaign.

Well, not so much baffling when considering they’re being penalized for being part of an HBCU conference — one that historically hasn’t performed well against FBS opponents or in the FCS postseason, either.

That stigma of playing in that league against those opponents carries a lot of unfair weight when assessments are made by voters.

The only obvious argument to refute the idea that the Aggies aren’t the best team in the FCS is a lack of a national championship that isn’t tied to an association with Black College Football.

Still, North Carolina A&T is on par with the FCS elite. They’re 31-5 since 2015. In that same span, North Dakota State, winners of two of the last three national titles, is 39-5. James Madison, which has broken up the Bison dominance with a crown of its own, is 37-5.

Unlike most of the other top programs in the FCS, North Carolina A&T — as long as they win the MEAC — will never have an opportunity to compete for a national title because of the league’s contractual ties to the Celebration Bowl, which mandates the conference champion participate in the ESPN-backed creation.

But that truth should not take anything away from the eyeball test, which over the last 600 days, indicates the Aggies are the premier program in the FCS.


    • The starting QB for NC A&T was also out in that game due to injury, since that’s the game we choose to measure them by. The same QB who is still undefeated in games that he started since being in college. Just another stat to throw out there for you.

      • HBCU have been denied the opportunity to play at home during the 35 year history of the NCAA1AA/FCS Playoff SERIES….after FAMU won the 2nd
        NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in 1978-79
        HBCU’ s always played on the road only
        South Carolina State U … has the most
        Home playoff games 3 , 1980 and 82 , 2012 winning 2 out of 3… this is a factor that cannot be overlooked. All you need is a fair field….

  1. wow embarassing.

    NDSU would 60-7 like they did to your fellow HBCU prairie view AM a few years back.

    feel free to go to the fcs playoffs, Maybe get the #8 seed and then enjoy your 60-7 loss at #1 seed NDSU.

    • Hell! NC A&T would beat Prairie View. They never showed me they could play on that level anyway. Two different school completely.

    • Wasn’t that game 6-7 years and 2 coaches ago against PVAMU?
      That is a far reach to compare that team to the current squad.

    • This is the most moronic college football article i have ever read in my life. Did the author just put the Aggies on par, in the same sentance, or claim they are better than NDSU. Heck why stop there and just claim they are the best in all of the FBS as well. All this slander coming from an award winning author…i dont think so!

  2. Why is it that top tier FCS Teams refuse to play HBCUs on their home turf? That 60-7 score wasn’t at PVAMU’s home stadium. Home field makes a huge difference!

  3. The author did what he is paid to do, get people to read his articles. I bet the majority of people read the article because of the title, thats why I clicked on it. To be upfront I am a NDSU Alumni and fan. The author threw it out there that besides NDSU or JMU they have the best record. I watched the game on Saturday it wasn’t a good game on either side, Jacksonville is ranked higher than they should be after watching their performance. I have no doubt that NDSU or JMU could beat North Carolina A&T on their field even. I believe you need to look at the conference they play in and compare the teams they play every year. Any Missouri Valley team would have gave them a run and more than half would have come out on top.

  4. Historically HBCU have been denied the opportunity to play at home during the NCAA PLAYOFF SERIES, This situation dates back to the start of 1AA / FCS begining in the 1978-79 season when FAMU won the 2nd 1AA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Even when your season record was the same or better the NCAA sent HBCU across the country to play .
    When given the opportunity to play at home they won. A full review of this unfair practice should be conducted to expose this practice.

  5. I agree that year in and year out the MEAC isn’t a very good conference. But this run from A&T has been something special. Fact is they’ve beaten an FBS opponent now 3 yrs running. This year they beat #5 ranked JSU along with ECU. This year and last years teams are extremely good and very capable of winning the whole thing. It makes me sick to my stomach that they CHOOSE to play in that stupid bowl game(which they aren’t this yr) instead of going for a NCAA title. If the MEAC/SWAC champs were forced to play in the bowl, explain how Alcorn St is playing in the playoffs and not A&T? Alcorn has a first rd bye btw….so would A&T. If you rly think this A&T team doesn’t have the talent you’re just an FCS version of the FBS power 5 fags. And 60-7 gtfo, ur literally a fkn retard if you think JamU or ND st beats A&T that bad. Drop your bias and watch games and do some homework. Normally y’all would be right but not this stretch A&T has given us. But ya know what? We will never know cause the MEAC continues to decline the automatic bid. And prolly won’t see a HBCU team this good for another generation. I feel the worst for the players more than anything. But Alcorn St will go despite not being the best team to represent the HBCUs. Btw I feel I need to add I have zero bias towards this, I’m just a white dude from the south that happens to pay attention to FCS as much as FBS cause I love football! And because FCS does the playoffs right! Go UGA and Go JU!!!!


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