Albany State quarterback Charles Stafford wants to transfer.

The school will let him. But only under certain conditions.

Stafford, who signed with the Rams in 2014, will not be granted a release to any SIAC school or a school on the 2017 schedule.

“I just feel like why put those stipulations on someone trying to go somewhere and you don’t want them on your team,” Stafford said in a series of videos posted on his Instagram page. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

NCAA rules allow the school, according to Albany State, “to provide permission to contact with restrictions and to restrict a request to transfer.”

Stafford, a junior, said he twice appealed the decision to no avail.

“Letting someone miss an entire season is just crazy,” he said. “I’m a junior, I have two more years to play and this year might be taken away.


  1. Sir.. they don’t want you to play for a school in the conference.. which means you have knowledge of their team.. and if you go to another SIAC school.. you have to sit out anyway. A school on the schedule fits the same reason as you have knowledge of the team and puts them at a disadvantage.


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