A Prairie View soccer player who made national headlines after posting an image or her wearing blackface is no longer on campus, according to university officials.

School president George C. Wright announced that Brooke Merino has temporarily left campus.

Merino received blacklash after posting the image accompanied with the caption, “When you just trying to fit in at my HBCU.”

In a letter written by Merino, she explained being unaware of the term blackface and apologized for posting the racially insensitive image on Snapchat.

“Being here, I have felt what it is like to be a minority, and I have felt uncomfortable,” she wrote. “I have felt out of place. But, I knew that was going to be part of this journey of going to an HBCU as a white Hispanic student.”

Merino described being “ignorant” but “not racist” in the letter read by Wright.


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