The Turkey Day Classic between Alabama State and rival Tuskegee has been one of the more intense rivalries in all of black college football. But not as intense as postseason play with a national championship on the line, according to Tuskegee quarterback Kevin Lacey.

Although the quarterback has never played in the game, he told the Montgomery Advertiser that the Division II playoffs gets his competitive juices flowing more than an in-state rivalry game.

“Just being a part of these playoffs, it’s just a different atmosphere,” Lacey said before Tuskegee’s 35-6 loss to the University of West Georgia in the Division II quarterfinals. “The intensity is a lot higher because even with playing in the Turkey Day Classic? It was exciting because it was the biggest rivalry around here. It’s HBCU’s Alabama-Auburn, but for us, just playing in that game, it meant a lot, but you knew it was your last game. So you laid it on the line because of that, but in the playoffs, you lay it on the line because any week could be your last week.”

Lacey, of  Wetumpka, Alabama, admits that his only immediate connection to the Turkey Day Classic has been as a fan, the weekly experience of playing for a championship can’t be matched.

“If you win, you keep going until you finally get to that national championship game,” Lacey said. “That’s what you’re fighting for.”


  1. All, this is more BS from the advertiser than it is this kid. The headline is what they try to sale. Not necessarily what the kid said. It was a way to down ASU. They Just smeared Skegee few weeks back, and now are using this mod to smear ASU Homecoming. What they didn’t ask was a “journalistic” question. How much money did Skegee make even after reaching 3rd game of the playoffs?

  2. Did it make the near 200 guarantee that turkey day classic would pay, plus TV exposure?

    Also, this kid has never played in a Turkey Day classic, so how can he compare? #agendas

  3. I’m not slamming the playoffs or Skegee’s decision to go. I assume it was the right decision for them. It was not a financial decision, unless long term, but I trust that the administration has a plan. The article should have talked about that choice and maybe asked ASU about its choice to not go. Instead, the writer tried to compare and make one better or worse than the other.

    The SWAC decided to play for a spot n the Celebration bowl that pays each conference 1 million bucks. I’m n full support of that decision.even the 9 teams that do not make the bowl will likely clear more profit than the teams that decide to go to playoffs. Let’s look at how to expand it to even more bowl games


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