It used to be called the “Capital City Classic”.  Old schoolers, to this very day, still call it “The Soul Bowl”.  No matter what you label it, the Mississippi rivalry still lives between Alcorn State and Jackson State.

The Alcorn State Sounds Of Dyn-O-mite and the Jackson State Sonic Boom of the South performed Saturday at halftime during the gridiron matchup between the Braves and Tigers.  A football game Alcorn State won 14-10.

But which band won the halftime show?  Take a look at both performances and cast your vote.

Alcorn State Sounds Of Dyn-O-mite

Jackson State Sonic Boom of the South


  1. This poll is rigged! Every time any of us from JSU submit a vote, it has been going str8 over to acorn’s side! Whoever created this poll and set it up as such, should be ashamed of themselves!!! That is just awful! Please be glad tht we can’t post the screenshots under these comments. If we could, you would see tht when I voted, I made alcorn numbers go up by one point…smh. True enough some people who vote for Da Boom votes will go to tht side just so tht this thing won’t look to fishy. In all honesty, we don’t need a poll to validate who we are…just hate to see unfair things like this take place. Let the crazy followup comments begin!!!


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