The bodies of the SWAC and MEAC victims left for dead by FBS opponents had barley gotten cold before sustained outcry of curbing FCS/FBS matchups had already reached an annoying fever pitch.

During the first week of the college football season, SWAC schools were outscored 392 to 45 in six contests played between Thursday and Saturday.

The MEAC, which is a slightly overall better football conference than the SWAC, was manhandled 336 to 36.

The chasm was supposed to be this great.

When Alcorn State, arguably the best HBCU football team in the country goes on the road to play a ranked Georgia Tech, they’re expected to lose by whatever score the Yellow Jacket choose.

Bethune-Cookman, historically one of the great football programs in the Black College Football world, didn’t score against a Miami team that is far removed from the mini dynasties of the late 80s, early 90s and the first few years of the 21st Century.

The Hurricanes should not even allow the Wildcats to cross midfield, if we’re honest.

Many exclaim these resounding defeats only further cement the belief that HBCUs are inferior to the richer PWIs.

Others say HBCU the athletic director, agreeing to sacrifice athletes for the greater good of a financial transaction, only hurts the HBCU brand.

HBCUs are inferior to major FBS schools because every non-Power Five conference school is perceived inferior.

And how can the HBCU brand really be negatively impacted that much after a game nobody expected to be competitive to begin with?

The coaches and players know what they’re getting into.

“We understand who we are and what we are,” North Carolina A&T head coach Rod Broadway said Monday in playing North Carolina this Saturday. “We are overmatched, but our team will play hard.”

Why are so many shocked at the final scores? These are preseason games played by numerous schools across the country, black colleges or otherwise.

The games will continue to go on as long as conferences and athletic directors see them as being valuable even though Georgia spanked Louisiana-Monore by 43, Clemson humiliated Wofford by 39 and Southern California destroyed Arkansas State by 49.

But aren’t the athletes being pimped or exploited? Sure. Every single college athlete at every level is, too, but just in different forms.

That’s the business of intercollegiate athletics.



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