Dawson Odums
Photo: Southern University Athletics

This is the point during fall camp where reporters are looking to cover anything that doesn’t solely revolve around the monotony of practices and one-on-one drills.

Players aiding a motorist following a traffic accident.

A heartwarming story about a kid overcoming some personal adversity to make the roster.

An arrest.

How much weight the head coach has lost during the offseason.

Southern beat reporter Les East, in the notes section of a story about head coach Dawson Odums canceling practice because of inclement weather, made mention of Odums’ new look, including his now stealth physique and trim beard.

Odums has undergone a makeover since the start of preseason camp a couple of weeks ago.

He has a full beard, which he plans to keep indefinitely.

It’s a new look for a new season,” said Odums, who’s keeping the beard closely trimmed. “You can’t do the same thing every year and expect different results.”

When will he return to a clean-shaven look?

“If people start complaining,” Odums said, “or if we start losing.”

Odums also has lost 35 pounds in the past six months.

No word on any potential wardrobe changes for the upcoming season, however.

The start of real games can’t get here fast enough.


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