South Carolina State junior defensive end Reggie Owens was a part of a heroic effort that saved the lives three young children involved in a three-vehicle accident near Savannah over the weekend.

Officials are still investigating a terrible three-vehicle wreck that shut down the intersection of West Gwinnett Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, around 1:45 a.m., Saturday morning.

According to Georgia State Patrol, three young children were thrown from a vehicle after being T-boned by another vehicle. Frederick Cobbs was arrested on the scene after witnesses say he ran the red light at the intersection. He was given a blood test after performing poorly on his field sobriety test.

“MAIT is handling the full investigation of the crash. Further charges can be pending against him, but right now, we have charged him with a DUI,” said Corporal J.K. Crews.

Owens who was traveling back home from South Carolina State for the holiday weekend saw the accident happen.

He says three children were ejected after the white car that Cobbs was driving T-boned the vehicle, ejecting them as it spun through the intersection.

“I was the first on the scene. I rushed out to make sure everyone was okay. As I approached the cars, I saw one child that fell from under the car. I had to pull him from under the car to keep him from being run over,” Owens said.

Owens, a current junior and All-MEAC performer on the South Carolina State football team, never thought he would be in this position.

“I thought ‘this is bad,’ I immediately had somebody tend to him. I had a shirt; I took my shirt off. I plugged his wound. I had to stop the bleeding; he was bleeding profusely. I knew I couldn’t move the bodies but I could at least stop the bleeding,” said Owens.


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