The sound of collisions echoed through Louis Crews Stadium as the Bulldogs held their first spring practice in full pads Saturday.

It was a time for the new players to show what they have and for the veterans to show how they’ve gotten better.

And, it was a time for the coaches to see some of the new guys in person as well as get an overall feeling about the 2015 edition of Alabama A&M football.

“It was a typical first day in pads,” said head coach James Spady. “There were some mistakes and there were some good things we saw.”

For the new kids on the team, it was their time in the sun.

“It was very productive for guys like (Derrick) Isaac, (Ryan) Ducksworth, Demerrius Williams,” Spady said. “They are new on the line and we got a chance to see them all.

“De’Angelo Ballard was a pleasant surprise.”

It was also a chance to film the players here and for Spady’s staff to do some studying.

“We got some great film and we’ll get a lot of good looks,” he said. “It’s exciting for us to see the film in our meetings.”

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