LORMAN, Miss. – Alcorn State University had a double header Tuesday against LSU-Alexandria, gaining two more losses for the season.

In the first game, Jazmin Castillo and Jordenne Taylor shared the mound, throwing four strikeouts with five forced outs. Taylor Hughes registered the Braves’ only RBI and gained one assists along with a host of Alcorn players.

Sametria Collins and Adriana Gutierrez added runs to their statistcs as one score was grabbed in the bottom of the third, and the other run coming in the fifth inning. Due to the run-rule, the fifth inning was Alcorn’s last chance to progress, but the Braves fell short, ending the game, 23-2.

In the final game, the Braves allowed the Generals to score in inning one when a batter took first base off a walk then scored. Alcorn would go throughout the game suffering defensively and offensively until the bottom of the seventh when the Braves collected two runs. The scores would prove not enough as LSU-Alexandria took the win, 13-2.

On the mound, the Braves secured three strikeouts at the hands of Castillo with six forced outs. Alexandria Harris earned two RBIs as Taylor contributed three assists.



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