Kentucky State softball head coach Oscar Downs, assistant coach David Morton and freshman Brittney Gately stopped by Bryan Station High School (Lexington, Ky.) last week to donate equipment for the high schools softball program.

Bryan Station was in the news recently when a fire broke out in their concession stand at the softball field. The second floor took most of the damage but the team’s equipment, which was stored in the bottom level of the building, was damaged by smoke and water.

“Anything that the players didn’t keep in their practice bags was destroyed by the fire,” a Bryan Station administrator said.

With practice for the upcoming season set to start in mid-February, the team has been working hard to raise the funds needed to replace the estimated $25,000 worth of equipment that was lost during the fire.

“This donation of equipment from Kentucky State University softball will really help our team to get back to training and preparing for the upcoming season,” Bryan Station co-athletic director Ryan Harrington said. “We still have a ways to go to be ready for the season, but this will allow us to continue practicing.”

Since both Kentucky State and Bryan Station’s official colors are green and gold, the new equipment will fit right in with the BSHS’s color scheme.

“We’re happy to do our part to help a local program,” Downs said about Kentucky State’s donations. “We understand how expensive equipment can be, so to be able to help in their effort to rebuild was important to our program.”

Once he heard that BSHS had lost all of their equipment, interim director of athletics Harry Stinson III knew that Kentucky State had to help. “I am happy that we were in a position to help donate some of our equipment to Bryan Station as they rebuild from this tragic event,” Stinson said.

Courtesy: Kentucky State Athletics


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