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Remember when it was written in this very space that the notion of firing Jackson State head coach Harold Jackson was absurd?

How does anyone on the coaching staff stay employed after JSU looked so awful coming off a bye week against Southern?

Nobody is probably going to be canned because this is the same school that hired a losing high school coach to be a losing college coach. At least he was consistent. We won’t say his name here.

It was 21-0 before the online site that streamed the game stopped buffering.

Willie Quinn, the Southern kick returner, is fast and elusive. Did JSU’s special teams know that? Or did they realize it after he scored a touchdown on punt?

Those SU whites were clean, though.

Sorry for playing 20 questions, but there needs to be answers as to why the Tigers played like cubs.

Not only could Jackson State not slow down Southern’s special teams, they could not quarantine the Jaguars’ offense. Deonte Shorts was 4-for-4 passing with a rushing TD. Austin Howard threw for 250 and a touchdown.

It was easy.

Jackson State’s offense countered with a series of hard-fought three-and-outs.

It got so bad that the Human Jukebox — the name of Southern’s band — spelled out JS-WHO right in the middle of the field during their halftime performance. It was akin to Terrell Owens celebrating on the Dallas Cowboys logo right in the middle of Texas Stadium.

At one point, the Tigers had cut Southern’s lead to two touchdowns. There was hope. Well, until you realized that it would have taken another day or two for JSU to catch up.

After the game, Jackson said the team needed to look forward.

Maybe that’s a good idea for the administration come this offseason.

Jackson State has been outeverything’d this season from the strongest to the meekest.

The season is over after a fourth straight home loss. Fade to black. Form a line for the repast here.


  1. Because Timmy Chang doesn’t coach defense or special teams…and they don’t know how to get play calls or adjustment calls on the field…or do they have conditioned players. ..when a defensive ends gets gassed chasing a qb that doesn’t even run a 4.4…something is wrong…sure hope their grades are good at least otherwise the AD needs to leave or make an immediate change…they also seem to lack staff…but outside of that I remember at the famu ggame not seeing any coaching up on the sidelines or assistant coaches going over adjustments…it was like a jackson public schools high school game…at this point I would hedge a bet a well coached high school team or division 3 school could beat JSU…and what has he done for recruiting? Thes


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