Block-JSU-LogoCourtesy: Jackson Free Press

Jackson State University officials spoke publicly about a plan to build a state-of-the-art domed football stadium for the first time this morning.

Vice President of Business and Finance Michael Thomas told the audience at Koinonia Coffee House’s Friday Forum that the 50,000-seat stadium will cost about $200 million to build.

Thomas said JSU will try to get as much financial help from the state as it can for the construction of the stadium. House Bill 1589, which would allow the state to issue up to $75 million in general obligation bonds to help fund the stadium, is currently in the Ways and Means committee.

“There’s going to be some private dollars, there’s going to be some public dollars, and some dollars are going to be funded through the anticipated revenue from the project,” Thomas said.

Some of the anticipated revenue includes selling the stadium’s naming rights, as well as luxury boxes within the stadium.

JSU has identified four possible sites for a location, Thomas said. The university owns about 60 percent of the land on one of the proposed sites, 80 percent on two of the sites and 100 percent of the land on one possible site.

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