A source close to Texas Southern Athletics has confirmed that Johnnie Cole has resigned as the school’s head football coach.

Though no official announcement has been made by TSU, Cole’s resignation is believe to be related to the findings of a completed NCAA investigation that began in 2010.

Cole, lead the struggling TSU football program to its first SWAC Championship in 42 years with a 11-6 win over Alabama State last December.

In three seasons, Cole amassed a win-loss record of 19-16.

One now wonders if that championship season is in doubt.

We will continue to report on this story as more details become available.

UPDATED:  5:06pm – A press conference to officially announce Cole’s resignation is scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm on the TSU campus.

UPDATED:  4/1/2010 – Cole did not resign.  He was fired.  The scheduled 2pm press conference became a press release that was distributed at 2pm.


  1. The NCAA violations is the least. Misconduct with a cheerleader on the campus is the focal point of his resignation…..

  2. Also, Tony Harvey, TSU mens basketball coach, is (alledgedly) under NCAA investigation for violations. He’s the god-son of current TSU President Rudtlege. Why is he not under the gun by the university? Can you say NEPOTISM?! And why his adminstrative assistant(Toni Smith),making $60,000.00 more than the assistant basketball coaches @ TSU? Maybe it may have to do with her relationship with President Rutdlege(alledgedly)?

  3. Hey folk we are better then this, we do not need to comment airing our dirty laundry; that is what’s wrong. This is about Coach Cole, let the truth come to light it will eventually…. Smearing other people is reckless!!! And yal wonder why we always end up the laughing stock of the SWAC… If one haves real bravado they won’t hide under some foolish name… And shady grady its President John M. Rudley!! Throwing allegation out there can really destroy families you fool…. If you had any bravado you would not hide behind some pet name

  4. Wow as black people we should not be so quick to embarrass each other obviously there are some people that have nothing better to do with their life. If you know Cole personally he is a great person he really cares for these kids which they haven’t seen in a long time and will give you the shirt off his back if you need it. So if the man brings the school a championship everyone is smiling in his face but as soon as alleged rumors surface you want to throw him under the bus. Thats why we as black people do have anything now. Whose bed are you in to know all this obviously you are not happy in your own or you wouldn’t be gossiping like this. You obviously ain’t making know money yourself to be all up in other peoples salaries. Take pride in your University and don’t do them like that if you even graduated…..

      • as black people we need to stop sticking up for other blacks that mess up.. quit making excuses for those that mess up.. quit making hero’s of people who dont deserve it.. trying to defend those who dont deserve being defended makes us look stupid..

  5. I am the oldest daughter of Johnnie Cole and have some things to say before people bash my dad’s name. This is a time where we (TSU) should be coming together for the betterment of this school. Nobody is perfect; therefore, we should not be so quick to judge. There will be an official announcement made so lets not assume what we think we know. Please just pray for the families of these coaches, TSU football and basketball programs, the faculty and staff, students, and the uplift in the school.

  6. Just remember he cheated at his other jobs ,was penalized,so what should you expect.We do it the right way ,P.V.U. go panthers,By swac championship ok.The A.D. came from P.V.U.,he want have that crap.


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