The poll is based on a combination of a ranking algorithm and a voting system. It is the original HBCU poll that separates the rankings (since 2003) of NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II and NAIA Division I member HBCU institutions into two distinct categorical polls: Major and Mid-Major (This format is unlike the historic SBN Poll). The Major Division Poll, consist of NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) [formerly I-AA] programs and the Mid-Major Division Poll, which consist of both NCAA Division II and NAIA Division I programs. This format introduced to the public based on the request of Black College blogging fans and on the research that consists of data mining and the difference in scholarship limitation and requirements beset by NCAA and NAIA bylaws
(i.e. Division I FCS ? 63, Division II ? 36 and NAIA ? 24).

The Dr. Cavil’s HBCU Mid-Major Division Football Top 10, with number of first-place votes, record in parentheses, total points, previous ranking, and next opponent:

1. &-Albany State——-(11-0)–(10)–100—1–(Beat Wingate,(30-28) in D-II Playoffs)
2. ^-Saint Augustine’s–(8-2)———82—-2–(Open)
3. @-Tuskegee———–(9-2)———76—-4–(Beat Alabama State, (17-10) Season Complete)
4. *-Fort Valley State–(8-2)———74—-3–(Open)
5. #-Shaw—————(8-3)———58—-6–(Season Complete)
6. Morehouse————(8-3)———57—-5–(Season Complete)
7. Winston Salem State–(8-2)———41—-7–(Season Complete)
8. %-Virginia State—–(8-3)———32—-8–(Season Complete)
9. Bowie State———-(6-4)———19—-9–(Season Complete)
10. Elizabeth City State-(6-4)———13—-10-(Season Complete)

Dropped Out Of Rankings: N/A

Receiving Votes: Langston-(6-4)-3, Concordia-(5-4)-1

PWR = Previous Weeks Ranking
1PV = 1st Place Votes
LG = Last Game

& = SIAC Champions
% = CIAA North Division Champions
# = CIAA South Division Champions & CIAA Champions
^ = CIAA Pioneer Bowl Representative
* = SIAC Pioneer Bowl Representative

Mid-Major Division = NCAA Division II & NAIA Division I

@ = 2009 HBCU Mid-Major Division Football National Champion


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