The HBCU Major Division Football Top 10, with number of first-place votes, record in parentheses, total points, previous ranking, and next opponent:

Name——————Record–1PV-Points-PWR–Next Game-(11-8/11-2007)
1.  Grambling State—–(8-1)–(7)—99—-1—(at-Louisiana Monroe)
2.  Delaware State——(8-1)–(3)—86—-2—(vs-#4-Norfolk State)
3.  Southern————(7-2)——–71—-4—(at-Arkansas P. B.)
4.  Norfolk State——-(7-2)——–68—-6—(at-#2-Delaware State)
5.  Jackson State——-(6-3)——–57—-8—(at-#7Prairie View A & M)
6.  Alabama A & M——-(7-2)——–48—-3—(at-Alcorn State)
7.  Prairie View A & M–(5-3)——–32—-5—(vs-#5Jackson State)
8.  @-N. C. Central—–(6-3)——–24—-7—(at-#10-Winston-Salem State)
9.  S. C. State———(5-4)——–19—-NR–(vs-Morgan State)
10. Winston-Salem State-(5-4)——–16—-9—(vs-#8-N. C. State)

Dropped Out:            Morgan State-(5-5)

Receiving Votes:        %-Hampton-(5-4)-14, Morgan State-(5-5)-7, Tennessee State-(4-5)-5, Alabama State-(4-5)-3, Howard-(4-5)-1

PWR = Previous Week Ranking
1PV = 1st Place Votes

% TSPN & 3C 2006 HBCU Football Major Division National Champion

@ TSPN & 3C 2006 HBCU Football Mid-Major Division National Champion
& (FCS Transition Year 1)

Major Division = Division I Championship Subdivision (FCS) / (Formerly NCAA Division I-AA)

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  1. Yea it seems there’s a lil favoritism towards the West but the predictor of this Poll should never overlook a traditional Powerhouse as Jackson State

  2. I’ll have to agree with you guys on that. How is SU ranked higher than two teams that beat them (at home). Do the creators of this poll even watch the games?

  3. This poll is strictly based on record and no logic. JSU should be right behind Deleware State in 3rd place. We were absolutely to much for Southern. If Oliver would not have thrown those 3 picks, then the game would not have been as close as it was. We gave them every opportunity to win the game, they did not want it bad enough. Didn’t we place three of Southern players on IR?


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