TxSu Hires Johnny Jones as Basketball Coach

What about Marsh? I thought he would have been the right replacement to keep the continuity with Davis' program. Surely he would have wanted the head job.

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Jerone Francis played that zone and it worked like clockwork when we played teams that struggled to shoot. Strib had no problems shooting over that zone with Attarius Norwood.

I believe Coach Jones said he is a man to man coach, but he will use a zone to give teams a different look. That’s what I wanted to hear. I believe he said he will press and trap too. I know some people don’t like zone defense because they say it’s boring. I want to do whatever it takes to win.
What was that :"cheap shot" TSU President took at Southern University? I couldn't make out his actual expression. But, it was a cheap shot indeed!

Johnny's wife graduated from Southern so he basically told her to be in maroon and gray now.
He admitted he attended school in the future city of St. George when he grew up in Scotlandville..lol.
I grew up in Baker, Bobby Phills, Ken Ellis, Mr Moncriff(who owned 106.5 and 94.1 before selling it) and Aristide Clayton(Olympic boxer who also went to SU) also lived in my neighborhood, and the school we went to was in the heart of South Baton Rouge, all black Berean Christian Academy, that shut down when I was going to the 4th grade.
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We don't need him to be a difference maker; that's not what he was brought in for. We have the "difference maker" positions taken care of already. You just worry about Coach Angry Man.

Although you guys deserve to be pimp slapped by an angry man, I'll let coach know just to abuse you Louisiana refugees on the scoreboard only.....LOL