Reginald Ruffin
Photo: Tuskegee Athletics

Nick Saban’s accusation that Jackson State paid Travis Hunter a $1 million NIL deal to play for the football program ignited a bevy of criticism from HBCU stakeholders.

Saban has since apologized for the remarks he made last week during a meeting with Alabama boosters and state business leaders.

But current Tuskegee athletic director and football coach Reginald Ruffin wants the Alabama coach to go a step further to make amends.

“Now Coach Saban just say you(‘re) sorry in public and walk down to your AD’s Office and say “We need to play all the FCS HBCU in the state of Alabama because we are the only university in the state not playing the Alabama State’s or Alabama A&M’s in our great state,” Ruffin wrote on Facebook. “BTW you not going to leave Tuskegee University out of it because we are going D1 and yes I said it.”

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Ruffin also went on to suggest that the Crimson Tide should play a rotating schedule among FCS HBCUs with a $1.5 million guaranteed payout.

“Also that conversation with the AD on having the HBCUs play all FBS universities on a rotating basis in this state. Each HBCUs will get a guaranteed payday of $3,000,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 each year,” said Ruffin. “This is a game changer. Now you are helping in state HBCU universities.”

Ruffin said under this scenario Alabama and Saban “will be the best advocate for all FCS HBCUs” in the state because Saban is a powerful figure and “people listen to you.”

“Let’s get to work Coach Saban on this,” said Ruffin.


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