The 2022 season for Alcorn State baseball has gotten off to a historically bad start.

The Braves are 0-8 through the first three weeks of the regular season, losing by at least 10 or more runs each outing.

A microcosm of the season was on display Wednesday night against Ole Miss when the Braves were in the middle of a Little League-esque play during its 16-1 loss to the Rebels.

It all happened in the bottom of the second inning when Alcorn State had Rebels’ infielder Peyton Chatagnier picked off at first base, or so it appeared.

After a throw was made to first base, Chatagnier took off for second and beat the relay and tag from the shortstop.

That was only the start of what was a wild ride around the bases.

Chatagnier, noticing that nobody was covering third base for whatever reason, hustled to swipe that bag despite the Alcorn State catcher attempting to cover.

After stealing two bases, the heady Chatagnier was not done. With the catcher at third, that meant home plate was wide open. Chatagnier then scurried another 90 feet to score what was a remarkable run for Ole Miss and an embarrassing one for the Braves.


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