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Could arguably the greatest football player of all-time consider coaching at an HBCU?

That was a question posed for Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Mississippi Valley State legend Jerry Rice, who indicated that leading a program has crossed his mind since one-time teammate and adversary Deion Sanders experienced success at Jackson State

“Not until Deion with Jackson State,” Rice told Sports Illustrated. “Because I felt like I played the game for such a long time. And I was so totally committed. And I just poured everything into my career, that I didn’t have anything left.

“Because, as a coach, you really don’t have a life. I mean, coaching. It is hard, man, it takes up the majority of your time. But yeah, it takes a total commitment. And you got to be all in. So, it started to cross my mind just a little bit, now.”

Since retiring from the NFL in 2005, Rice hasn’t been heavily involved in the game in either a coaching or executive leadership capacity. But passion for the sport has never waned over the years.

Considering his lack of experience in the realm, could Rice impact a program on the same level as Sanders, particularly on the recruiting trail by landing top prospects if he decides to make the jump?

“But you know, you got to get certain recruits,” he said. “It’s important to get those top recruits in there that you can put into your program to make your program so much better. So, I think they’re going to get better because of what’s happening at Jackson State University.”


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