Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders
Photo: Deion Sanders/Twitter

Deion Sanders on Monday reaffirmed his commitment to Jackson State football amid reports that there was mutual interest between the second-year head coach and TCU.

“Well, TCU is not the only one interested in my services,” Sanders said in first public comments about the situation during the SWAC weekly coaches’ media availability. “Ashley Robinson (Jackson State athletic director) is interested in my services and finishing out what I completed. Never believe rumors, especially when I’ve been in the hospital for darn near a month. So never just go out there and believe what you hear.”

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While Sanders was hospitalized upon recovering from foot surgery, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that he was among several candidates being considered by TCU and that he impressed during a phone interview.

The newspaper reported that TCU has decided to shift its attention away from Sanders to other candidates for the time being.

“Of the top candidates, Sanders was viewed as the most high-risk hire,” Drew Davison reported. “Sanders justified consideration given what he’s done at Jackson State, but the other candidates have more extensive coaching backgrounds at higher levels.”

Sanders reiterated that he was focused on healing, not on college football when asked whether he thought about commitment to the university and his mission remained strong.

“You mean when I was in the hospital bed for darn near a month?” Sanders said. “You mean that time? Think about what you just asked me. I was in a hospital bed trying to make sure I could come back period and you think I’m thinking about coaching at a college?

“It was on folks’ mind, but not our folks. “Think about this, man. I’m in a hospital bed fighting, in a real fight. You and nobody on this line have no idea what I’ve gone through. You’re just going to assume, and guess, and analyze this and analyze that. You have no idea.

The speculation about TCU wasn’t the first time Sanders’ name has been mentioned this season among FBS openings. Stakeholders associated with Florida State and USC suggested Sanders would be a fit for those programs despite neither side expressing interest.

“Trust me, TCU and several others are not the only ones interested in what we do here at Jackson State,” said Sanders. “People are trying to figure out the formula, it ain’t no formula. It’s loving on these kids, challenging these kids, holding these kids accountable, making sure they maintain themselves to be smart, tough, fast, and disciplined and that’s the secret, not everyone has this recipe.”


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