Kenn Rashad hosts a special “Midnight Live” edition on Facebook to discuss the SWAC’s new 12-team conference and debates which team from the state of Mississippi will become a member of the SWAC’s West Division.


  1. If ASU moved to the West, the combined records of each division would be (2019) ; West 35-35 and East 34-34. TSU & MVSU were both the 2 worst teams in the Conference. Can’t see them both in the same Division. I’m a Jaguar and moving ASU to the west would not be a good move for us. Agree, Tn. St. would be the best move over BCU. BCU will create travel problems for all teams in the east. What about Langston?

  2. ALCORN STATE has won four of the last six swac championship and the only team to host it not once but twice how can you say they had an easier road to travel when every year they beat the west champion to win the swac.Alcocn is the banner carrier for the swac and is the most recognizable school in the swac at this moment not BCU,FAMU ,SU or GSU but ALCORN .It shouldn’t be a question on who goes where you don’t take your best product and treat it like a new comer.The swac has three team I feel one day that could be able to challenge anybody including the power 5 teams and Alcorn is the no.1 on that list they sit on 2000 acres lots of room to build and develop the name McNair is the most popular of coaches in the state of Mississippi all they need is a developer a financial backer ( M J, OW or Magic). Everything is already in place and I can see the top recruits coming here this will happen one day.


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