Photo: Wiley College Athletics

Another HBCU has decided potentially exposing student-athletes and athletic staff members to coronavirus is too much of risk during the upcoming fall sports season.

Wiley College announced Thursday that is canceling all fall sports due to uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.

“… all fall sports, homecoming and nonessential travel for faculty, students and staff are canceled,” Wiley College President Herman J. Felton, Jr. said in a statement.

Current student-athlete scholarships will be maintained for the fall at the 2020-2021 tuition and fee rate, Felton said.

The school also said it will transition to a virtual learning model for the fall semester.

The decision, said Felton, was based on the ongoing coronavirus spikes in Texas where confirmed cases on Thursday reached 7,915 and resulted in more than 7,300 hospitalizations.

“We find ourselves in a continuum of unprecedented times,” he said. “On this day, Texas has experienced its highest rate of infection and is one of 32 states now putting the reopening efforts on pause. While we have yet to experience the “peak,” it is imminent and according to the state epidemiologist, “we will likely rollout of the first wave in late august early September and right into the second wave and the flu season in the fall.”



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